Membership Agreements & FAQs


Payment Policy
  • The monthly membership is a 3 month commitment, followed by month-to-month.
  • We request one month’s notice to cancel after the initial 3 months.
  • Memberships cannot be paused.
  • If you choose to cancel your membership, all projects must be completed before it expires.
  • After your membership expires, you will be charged the regular workshop fee to book in to finish projects.
  • We will store your projects for 2 weeks maximum after your membership expires.
  • Registration is first come first serve. We cannot overbook under any circumstances.
The fine print
  • No refunds or credits for unused time.
  • Membership does not include clay wheel or splatter workshops.
  • Supplies cannot be taken home. More clay or canvas or any other supplies cannot be purchased.
  • No credit for broken projects, or art that did not turn out as expected.
  • This program is not for professional artists, people looking for open studio time to create their own designs, production potters or people who want to teach classes from the studio.
  • Read and obey signs and listen to instructions.
  • You may bring headphones to plug into the ipad if you wish.
  • Just as our regular self-directed workshops, the membership does not include instructor-guided workshops. iPad instruction only, with an instructor to answer questions. 
  • If you want to practice specific skills, we highly recommend you sign up for specific skill building workshops to help improve your skills. Space will be limited.


How often do the projects change?

There are 8 new projects each month. Monthly projects are announced and bookable 1 month prior. Eg October projects are announced September 1st.

How do I cancel if I can’t make it?

Message us on our website chat to cancel, no less than 48 hours before your workshop time.  No credits or refunds for cancelation with less than 48 hours notice.

How do I add a friend to my membership?

When you buy your membership, you can buy another in the same transaction to get the special pricing (August Promo only). OR, you can bring them to a class with you at our special membership friend rates! To book a friend, book a regular self-directed workshop (same time) with your membership code!

What if I only want to make 1 project a month?

No problem, there is no limit to how few or many projects you make. However, membership may not be right for you if you only want to make 1 project each month.

If I’ve been to the studio a lot, can I skip the orientation?

Orientation is essential for all members and cannot be skipped. We cover lots of important information including safety guidelines, that you can’t miss.

Behaviour Expectation

Memberships are designed for people who can operate independently in the studio. Members are responsible for setting up their own supplies and cleaning up after themselves.

Be kind. Anyone being disrespectful to the studio, to our members or to our staff, will be asked to leave immediately and membership for that month will be revoked without credit or refund and further months will be cancelled. In the event of violent, threatening or inappropriate behaviour, police will be contacted immediately. Please note we have cameras throughout the studio for safety.

Labelling Projects
  • Members are asked to carve their full name and date very clearly into their clay work.
  • Anything unlabelled will not be stored or fired.
  • We have limited studio space and cannot store work indefinitely.
  • Please label all wet projects, anything unlabelled may be thrown away.
  • Please wrap any wet projects according to guidelines outlined during the orientation.
  • Wet projects, bisqued or glazed projects can be stored on the work-in-progress shelves for up to 1 month.
Clay Dust

Dust from all clay contains free silica that is too fine and heavy to be expelled from the lungs. Over time this can cause silicosis, a lung disease.

Here are a few things we do at the studio to prevent this:
  • We use wet clay only.
  • Please do not bring in any outside clay.
  • Once clay has been cut from the block, it cannot be stored or kept.
  • Members wipe down surfaces with a wet sponge.
  • Members mop if clay or glaze is dripped on the floor.
  • We fully close the lids of all glaze buckets.
  • No sanding is allowed in the studio.
  • Please follow all cleaning procedures as outlined in the orientation.
  • Members thoroughly clean all tools and put them away.
  • Allow for at least 20 minutes of cleanup after each session.
  • The workspace is checked by staff before members leave.
  • Staff thoroughly mop daily. Please do not stay late under any circumstances, so staff have ample time for cleaning and resetting the studio.
Clay Firing
  • We do not give any guarantees on when your work will be fired.
  • If you would like your piece ready for a certain date, please create at least 1 month in advance.
  • We do our best to ensure that everything survives the firing — however, we are not responsible for a piece cracking, breaking, blistering, exploding, or any other unsatisfactory result.
  • We only fire workshop projects made by studio members and students; we do not offer a firing service for individual projects.
  • We will not fire any projects not based on our workshop instructions.
  • No outside clay or glazes in the studio.
  • Please do not touch the kiln under any circumstance.
  • Please do not touch or mix glaze powders.
Baking of oven-bake clay
  • We do our best to ensure that oven-bake clay bakes as expected— however, we are not responsible for a piece cracking, breaking, blistering, or any other unsatisfactory result.

Rules will be updated as needed and are subject to change